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Getting to the Other Side
I know a whole lot about how to get over to the other side of pain, grief, depression, anxiety, loss, broken dreams and broken hearts not just because I went to grad school, and I have a masters in counseling, and a license to practice as a therapist…I know about this because I have gotten on the other side of a whole lot of hurt and heartbreak. It was out of my own desire to have a child ( which I never did, and, yes, I tried EVERYTHING) that I learned the importance of stopping my life-long “never-give-upper” status and let go, moved on and found an unexpected happy ending.

It’s one thing to have someone who has never gotten over the other side tell you how to walk this walk( all theory and no personal knowledge), but to my mind, this is the kind of territory that needs someone who has walked this walk and knows the bumps in the road and where the potholes are. I have a deep respect for the therapeutic process. I have seen, time and again, that it simply works. My role as therapist is not to be the “expert” but to be a companion on the journey to self-discovery. In order to facilitate healing, I create a space where is it safe for you to share yourself, where you will always feel supported, and where you will make conscious what was previously unconscious. In the therapeutic process I work to help create insight about long-standing interpersonal patterns and conflicts. Once we understand the roots of emotional suffering, we can examine the way that unconscious thoughts, feelings and beliefs are impacting your current situation and seek out ways to introduce positive change. I work with a wide range of clients who are dealing with all kinds of life issues, and feel honored to help all of them move from pain towards healing.

No matter what the impossible thing is that you are dealing with, I can help you find your personal road map to get to the other side and, together, we can get  you to where your happiness waits for you. I look forward to joining you in your path to healing and your next happy.


″Phoenix never rise out of grassy meadows; they rise from ashes.″— Tracey Cleantis, LMFT