Bonjour, Happiness!

With all the birthday fete-ing I have received this week it has been a bit of challenge to find  time to be online . But I just had to take a moment to share the news of Jamie Cat Callan's just released book, Bonjour Happiness.  Jamie is my friend, my teacher and the author of French Women Don't Sleep Alone, and she kindly invited Lily, my dog-aughter, and I to be part of her latest book that offers the secret to French flavored happiness.  Jamie asked me to write on one of my favorite topics, my Lily love and how her love has brought me beacoup joy. I am so very excited and honoured to have had the opportunity to write about how much happiness Lily brings me and how loving her has changed my life. I hope you check out Jamie's book which offers the "secrets to finding Joie de Vivre" and my little essay-lette in it.

Speaking of happiness, merci to all of you lovely people who made my birthday celebration so much brighter with all of your warm wishes. I so enjoyed reading all of your accomplishments, wishes for the future and pie choices. Thank you so much! You just can't know how much your comments added to me day. Merci!!! I will be back soon. I look forward to catching up on your blogs when I return. A bientot! Bisous!!!