What King Henry the VIII, Headphones and Chocolate Eclairs Taught Me

Object: Plus White 5 Minute Bleach Whitening Gel Lesson: Cheaper can be better. This stuff really works.

Deeper lesson: For years I dreamed of whiter teeth that didn't come with extreme pain(one session of Crest Whitening Strips hurt my teeth so badly that I thought about pulling them out by the root). Now my teeth are white, totally pain free and I am not a mite happier than I was when my teeth openly displayed my affection for blueberries, black coffee and red wine. Truly, I am no happier. That bit of info may not surprise you. You probably could have told me that. But I think, I believed, on an unconscious level, that whiter teeth would lead to happiness. I was wrong. Object: Season Four of The Tudors

Lesson: King Henry the VIII really could have used some therapy. Henry, seriously, how many wives do you have to kill before a session of therapy seems like a good idea? That said, I wouldn't want to be Henry the VII's therapist. One would really be putting their neck out every time they made an interpretation. God forbid you made him aware of his megalomania and raging mother complex, that could get a therapist a permanent room in the Tower or their head on a stick.

Deeper lesson: Having hour length films/shows to watch while I exercise is extremely motivating for me. Just this morning I did two hours of cardio. I didn't mean to, I just had to know what happened to Henry in his campaign to reclaim Bologna. Without iTunes films/shows an hour on the elliptical can feel like a death march, with Henry by my side I feel like I could endure any torture the gym might throw at me.

Object: Naked Eyeshadow Palette from Urban Decay

Lesson: I hate  makeup palettes. I am not a gal who enjoys complicated eye makeup. I knew this before  I bought this  kit and yet I always forget what I know about myself when I read about a must have item that is a limited time offer. Now I KNOW it. I like simple eye makeup. It is easier and I like how it looks on me. I prefer to keep my complexity in my head and not on my face.

Deeper lesson: There are things that I KNOW to be true about me and when I ignore this self-knowledge I am always sorry for it in the long run. It was only a $35 mistake but the benefit was that reminded me of how much I love MAC's Shadestick in Taupetastic as it is easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy, long lasting and lovely. I add a quick line of Bobbi Brown's Gel Liner in Black and a couple of coats of mascara and that is much time as I ever want to spend on my eye-makeup.

Object: Beard Papa's Cream Puff Eclair

Lesson: Sometimes treats are not worth having. Yesterday in the name of a celebration I had a chocolate eclair. It was okay. It was kind of greasy and the cream in the eclair was just okay. I ate the whole thing because I had felt I committed to it and to not eat it felt like I wasn't being part of the celebration.

Deeper lesson: DO NOT EAT HIGH CALORIC FOOD THAT I DON"T FIND HIGHLY ENJOYABLE. All day I felt kind of yucky and uncomfy feel sure it was the eclair that caused the discomfort and emotional unrest. I was haunted by the thought, "I wish I hadn't eaten that. It was a waste." The big lesson is DON'T SETTLE.

Object: Sennheiser Adidas PMX 680 Sports Earbud Headphones

Lesson: iPod's earbuds are stupid, annoying, tormenting and too big for my little ears. Those stupid earbuds are replacable.

Deeper lesson: I was blaming myself that I couldn't get the Apple earbuds to work. I thought there was something wrong with me. I watched Youtube videos. I went to eHow. I asked friends for guidance on how they got them to work. Finally I complained on Facebook about my inability to get the earbuds to stay in my ear. I got at least a dozen comments in which others also complained about their inability to use the standard earbuds. What I learned from this is that if there is something wrong that it doesn't necessarily mean there is something wrong with me.

Object: Birthday and Valentine's day cards

Lesson: I usually got to a card store to buy cards and it is always a special trip. I tend not to enjoy special trip shopping unless it is a special trip to Sephora or to buy shoes. I bought the aforementioned cards at a grocery store when I was there grocery shopping. And all of a sudden card shopping was totally annoyance free and easy. The cards were good and actually less picked over than the cards at the Hallmark down the street. Also I was the only one in the card aisle and so I didn't have any annoying people in my way as I shopped for cards in which I was declaring my love.

Deeper lesson: None.

Object: Seche Vite  Fast Drying Topcoat.

Lesson: A good topcoat can make a big difference in keeping your polish in place.

Deeper lesson: When I don't have my nails done I feel unpolished. Something about having my nails look nice seems to give me a hand in the self-confidence department. But when I have my nails done and chipping begins when I am out in the world I find myself feeling ashamed to show my hands and altogether unpolished. If I could I would put my chipped manicure in a couple of catchers mits until I can get home and remove the fending polish.  With Seche Vite I have had a chip free manicure for five days. Self-confidence cannot be bought. Polish can,  and now I can keep that polish for more than 24 hours.

So, my lovely friends, please share an object you recently purchased and what this object has taught you about yourself.