Saying goodbye to La Belette Rouge

Unknown-1It is sort of weird to think about that very soon there will be no more La Belette Rouge.  You see, I have hired a web designer to merge my online identities/worlds into one single .com. Soon when you come to La Belette Rouge you will be magically transported to There was a time, not so long ago, when I worked hard to keep those identities separate and now it just doesn't make sense. It feels like a significant psychological accomplishment, somehow, that the idea of these separate selves consolidating no longer gives me anxiety.  And yet there is a kind of sadness to admitting to myself and others that I am no longer the "Red Weasel". Yes, of course, it is nice to be me and not to need a psuedonym, yet there were so many lovely things that happened here...things that lead me to where I am today.

Hence it is with noticable and palpable sadness that I say goodbye to this chapter of my writing and my life. I thank you all for your generous support and gentle reading of my writings here at LBR. I do hope that you follow me over to Tracey Cleantis.

Au revoir, Red Weasel. Goodbye LBR. Merci dear readers. See you on the other side, is.