Scotland: the West Coast Edition

Thanks to a dear and lovely friend's extreme generosity I am spending the weekend in this ideallic location. Lucky me, huh? Something about this place reminds me of the Moors of Scotland, not that I have ever been there but I have watched the Monarch of the Glenn. I plan on spending this weekend with my dear friend and sitting and watching the Ocean, eating pumpkin pancakes while wearing a luxe hotel terry cloth robe, sitting in front of a fireplace, drinking champagne, having a spa treatment, and not thinking about work. I can hardly wait. I NEED this weekend.

I'd tell you where I was going but I think I will wait until I return. I'll give you a few clues: 1) It is a place where the moon is never full. 2) The Great Pumpkin likely lives there. 3) It's bigger than a bread box and if it was a bread box it would have pumpkin bread in it.

Hope you have a weekend as lovely as I am about to.