Self-Care/Comfort Contest

In times of transition, grief, and loss (of any kind) we need some things that are pretty universal: support, people who care, places to tell our story (perhaps some therapy or a support group) and, of course, time. However, there are other things that are unique to us, special objects that have helped comfort us through a loss. I have made a package of those thing that helped me with self-care, self-kindness and self-nurturing during hard times. I would like to share mine with you. Do you know someone who just needs a little extra TLC to get through their grieving? Are you in a time of transition in which you are letting go? Here are the contents of the self-care/comfort kit that I am giving away:

  • A signed copy of my book,  The Next Happy (once it is released, February 24, 2015)
  • A box of soothing Sleepytime tea.
  • A journal to write your heart out into.
  • A recipe for a comforting tuna casserole
  • A Voluspa 2 Wick Metallo-Laguna candle to remind us that there is light in darkness
  • Jewel's "Lullaby" CD. For me, for some reason, Jewel singing "Simple Gifts"  can almost always soothe me.
  • Equally soothing, for me, is Thích Nhất Hạnh's reminding me that all there is the breath. So, I am including his Plum Village Meditation in the package. "I am breathing in, I know I am breathing in."
  • Jennifer Louden's wonderful book, "The Comfort Queen's Guide to Life". It's a warm, comfy and wonderful reminder about what is really comforting and to find more novel ways to soothe ourselves than the standard comforts we most often turn to.
  • The DVD "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel"  which is one of my favorite movies on the promise of transforming grief into a "Next Happy".

Please enter, and please be sure to share what things have helped you during hard times. Good luck!