What's your time zone?

Marcela the brilliant and beautiful shared this fantastic lecture with me. She said that my post from Monday made her think of this video. It is only ten-minutes long, and  if you are at all interested in the thinking vs. being idea and/or C.A.N.I. vs. N.I.B.I.H. I feel sure you will find this a wonderful use of your ten-minutes, no matter your time zone. It sort of blows my mind how much of what Philip Zimbardo says in this video is straight out of my last post. Truly, there are almost direct quotes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3oIiH7BLmg

In only ten minutes I learned a lot about my sense of being and time:

  • "Being=time". Thanks for the spoiler, Hannah! I am getting it, I think.
  • My primary time zone is future. I knew that.
  • My secondary time zone is past. I knew that too.
  • My memories of the past are of negative things. This may explain why my photo albums are undone and my geneology projects are incomplete and it also helps explain why memoir and psychoanalysis are my passions.
  • I don't trust the future because "adults can't keep their promises to me."
  • Because I grew up in a climate where the weather was always the same, Sunny Southern California, I learned that the environment doesn't change. This is one of the things that living in Chicago taught me isn't true. The environment DOES change. That weather taught insight  created a big psychological shift for me.
  • Like most of us, I have had the "present oriented beast" trained out of me. I also think that focusing on the future was a wonderful way of surviving a challenging childhood. Now, I told myself, doesn't matter---only the future does.
  • Waiting IS a waste of time ( of being). That is exactly what I said on Monday. And I do get angry when I have to wait---even if I am waiting for a scalp massage to end.

I bought [amazon_link id="1416541993" target="_blank" ]Philip Zimbardo[/amazon_link]'s book and since it is available on Kindle I didn't have to wait to have it delivered. I have it NOW. I also got [amazon_link id="0465026427" target="_blank" ]The Geography of Time[/amazon_link] by Robert Levine, the book that Zimbardo mentions in the video.

So what is your time(being) orientation? Oh, and uh, does anyone know that the Latin would be for "I am therefore I am." Is it "Sum ergo sum?"