Are you considering therapy? Are you curious what is necessary for therapy to be effective?

As a therapist I am deeply touched and awed by the power of the psychotherapeutic process. The simple truth is that the exchange of truth that happens in therapy is curative; Truth produces health. There are, however, necessary conditions for therapy to be effective.


If you are considering therapy with me these are the pre-requisites for therapy to be effective:


1.      When you are considering therapy it is because you believe that something is wrong, in your life or in yourself.

2.     You want things to be better.

3.     You may not know what “better” means yet( together we can figure out what better means for you)..

4.     When you come into therapy you can say, “These are the things that are not acceptable to me”, i.e. you are willing to talk honestly about the situation with me.

5.     You are willing to make changes in your life based on the insights that emerge for you from therapy.


 If you are interested in therapy and would like to speak further to determine if therapy could be helpful for you, please contact me at (661) 803-3061.