“My son will be playing a game that is too hard for him, or he’s just not good at and he’ll get frustrated. I’ve been telling him, “You can keep practicing but understand you might not win, maybe you should try something different.” The fact that I don’t tell him not to give up gets side-ways looks from my family members. My grandmother recently told me I was teaching him to give up. I told her I was teaching him that it was okay to try something else if what he was doing wasn’t working out. #Tracey’sVoiceIsInMyHead!” – E. R. (Minnesota)

“I didn’t know how badly I needed this book until I was a couple of chapters in. The Next Happy helped me let go, move on and be happy in the present. I was putting my happiness on layaway and it was negativly impacting my relationships. If you’ve been searching for a “break through”, this book will get you there quicker than you ever thought possible. A must read!” – EKR

“This book is not to be missed. The Next Happy walks you through the process of analyzing your dreams and deciding if they can really make you happy. If your eggs are in the wrong basket, this book will tell you what to do about it. The Next Happy is like having a comforting and wise friend guide you through life’s tough decisions. It is humorous, comforting and meaty. It is not only filled with wise counsel but also with fun and helpful ways to work through any grief you may have about not getting what you wanted in life. While many self-help books are filled with momentarily satisfying platitudes, this book is substantive and genuinely helpful and instructive. Cleantis will cheerleader you all the way to a truly happy life.” – Karen Cohen (Illinois)

“This book covers a sensitive subject with intelligence, grace and humor. It is very hard to bridge brains, grief and laughs and Cleantis does this easily. She is relatable and intelligent. I especially appreciate the vacillation between pop star references, real life examples and Nietche. Gorgeous.” – Jeannette Schneider (Nevada)

“Tracey Cleantis provides her readers with an insightful and compassionate approach to move forward in their lives even if that means giving up on a dream.” – Deborah G. Brautman

“This was a great book, and in fact is the only “self help” book I have read in it’s entirety, and one of only two I’ve actually bought (as opposed to borrowing). There is so much media attention to stories of people who never gave up and finally got their dream, but the reality is for every fairy tale ending, there are many more who it didn’t work out for. Letting go of a dream can be really hard, and Ms Cleantis gives some really good practical advice on how to move beyond your dream so that you can be happy again (and not end up permanently bitter). Some dreams are so important that when they die that the temptation could be to
become a Miss Havisham figure – if not outwardly then at least emotionally – this book will help you avoid that fate. One of the most important aspects of this book I thought was how Ms Cleantis clearly illustrates that it is not just the misfortune itself (e.g. infertility, ill health, losing a fortune etc) that hurts you but also your choice to continue pursuing a dream (e.g. for a child, a sporting career, or a business) even when doing that is harming you and your relationships. This was a really important insight and whilst it might seem obvious, when you’re in the middle of pursing a dream, it really can be difficult to recognise when this is happening. I really hope there is another book in the works, perhaps focusing on a specific issue such as IVF / infertility.”   -Jayne (England)

“An essential book full of compassion, wisdom, and practical advice. The Next Happy is a guide to living your best life now by having the courage to analyze what it is that holds you back, and what it requires to move you forward. I recommend this book to all who dare to give themselves permission to change their dreams and the focus of their energy, in order to improve their quality of life.” -Angie Muresan

“The Next Happy is the absolute best self-help book I’ve ever read! I have felt that lost feeling of failure many times in my life when I have not reached what I was striving so hard to achieve. Tracey’s book gave me validation that I am not alone, and that it’s OK to let it go! One of my children wants so badly to become a singer. Her passion to succeed outweighs her drive to get the proper training. As a Dad, I want to be supportive, but feel it’s also my job to properly set her expectations. I am going to send her your book, Tracey. I know it will help her as it has me!”
– Bob Anderson (California)

“I love love love this book! For me, it was like reading a good advice letter from a great trusted friend… It was touching and funny and inspiring. Letting go of the life you dreamed… how to get through the despair of letting it go, and what can happen next! Wow!
I will share “The Next Happy” with all of my friends and family!!! Everyone will benefit from this book…. thank you Tracey Cleantis!” – Tedi Kimbrel