The Next Happy Reviews

The Next Happy received a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly. PW proclaims The Next Happya “Must-read for anyone who is ready for a self-help manual with a dose of reality”.

Paula Vince reviewed The Next Happy on The Vince Review, and says ” I haven’t come accross another book like this one.  It’s high time somebody wrote one.”

Booklist recommends The Next Happy “..for anyone going through a loss and longing for her or his “next happy”.

Library Journal endorses The Next Happy as a “a pathway to a more fulfilling, positive way of life.”

Rehabreviews hails The Next Happy “The Guidebook to Surrender”.

Silent Sorority recommends: “If you or someone you know is trapped in a dream cul de sac and needs a road map to break free, The Next Happy with its accessible writing and application of ideas will provide much needed clarity and help in moving forward.”

Indiebound in their review of the The Next Happy describes it as a  “down-to-earth wisdom and humor, this enlightening counterpoint to the popular self-help notion to “follow your dream, no matter what it takes” provides the guidance and support to help you make the decision of whether it is time to give up an impossible dream, and if so, move through your grief, and discover the next happy.”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution writes about The Next Happy in their article, “Books to help you help yourself“: “Cleantis tells you how to let go, how to live with the emotions involved in giving up and how to set goals that will move you forward to a new version of happiness.”

The Next Happy is listed as recommended reading, “that just might help make your 2015 the best year ever” by Mille Lacs County Times.

The Next Happy was number two on's Hot New Release list. It was also #18 on the best seller list!!! Thank you for your help in making this book such a success!

The Next Happy received a coveted *starred* review from Publishers Weekly

LeGrande Green, the host of BOLD interviewed Tracey about The Next Happy.

The Irish Independent News published an article about The Next Happy and Tracey.

The Daily Mail published a feature story on Tracey.

Laura Munson used The Next Happy as inspiration in "The Question You Need to Ask Yourself in Order To Be Truly Happy."

Tracey's "Shame: The Flip Side of Goal Setting," was published in Hazelden Publishing's blog, People in Recovery.

Speaking Reviews

"Tracey Cleantis is a fearless and visionary thought leader who gives voice, meaning and shape to the experience of living child-free without regrets. As a long-time BBC TV producer and media entrepreneur, it is thrilling to witness the impact Tracey has on audiences, and the catharsis she inspires in them. Each time we book Tracey as Speaker she brings a personal, charismatic and exciting approach to sharing her own journey, expanding on her deep insights in an engaging manner, which always leads to our audiences feeling inspired to find their own best choices."
— Karin Thayer, Founder/CEO of Fertility Planit

“Tracey held a dramatically and structurally important placement in the lineup of our show at the Tribecca Performing Arts Center, addressing the audience on letting go of a dream. Illustrating her emphatic delivery with brilliant concepts like “The Nature of Relentless Trying”, or the Sisyphus myth; Tracey has shown herself as an insightful speaker and a profound healer. Her ability to instantly connect with the audience makes her a terrific entertainer. Tracey Cleantis is an integral part of the show.”
— Irina Vodar, Producer, The CYCLE

“Tracey Cleantis is a natural in front of an audience. She engages and connects with those in attendance and puts the room at ease all while conveying complex ideas with poise, empathy and clarity. She does her homework, prepares and knows instinctively how to inspire.”
— Pamela Mahoney Tsigdinos, Co-producer of THE CYCLE: Living a Taboo Forum

"We booked Tracey Cleantis to be one of 5 speakers for our annual Women’s Symposium with the topic “Women and Addiction – Living your Truth”.  Tracey was our final speaker of the day.  Traditionally, we have attendees ask to leave early during the final speaker so they can beat the LA traffic.  Tracey’s story and message was so engaging, we had no one ask to leave early.  She also had high scores on our evaluation sheets.  Tracey was easy to work with and we hope we can have her speak at another event."
— Robin Costello, Event Planner for The Better Ford Center


Writing Reviews

“Tracey’s writing has that rare quality of fearless clarity; a willingness to shine a light into dark corners, even if what is revealed turns out to be ugly or frightening. She has a self-deprecating, humorous style that is deceptively light and easy to read, but which holds a great deal of depth and poignancy. Perhaps most importantly, she is not afraid to be vulnerable. The large number of devoted followers of her blog attest to how this emotional honesty and clear, brave writing demand a response from her readers.”
— Andrea Eames, author of “Ngozi”, New Zealand.

“There is a gritty, honest and mesmerising quality to the words of La Belette Rouge. ….  (Tracey) writes with an honesty that is often heart breaking, that is at the same time confrontational and with a candour that stays with me long after I have finished reading.”
— Vicki Archer, author of French Essence, London, England and Saint Remy de Provence, France.

“I love your work… It’s so down-to-earth….Your success is assured; YOU MADE IT.”
— Carolyn See, author of “The Handyman” and book reviewer for the Washington Post, Pacific Palisades, California.

“You’re a beautiful writer, Tracey–funny, wise, sexy and insightful.”
— Jamie Cat Callan, author of “French Women Don’t Sleep Alone ” and “Bonjour, Happiness!”, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.