(ISBN 9781616496791), I am so psyched about self-care that I am going to use this channel to share with you all I know about self-care, introduce you to self-care products, books, concepts, and basically to revolutionize your self-care.

In a presentation delivered by Shefaly Yogendra, PhD, she talks about how the information in my book An Invitation to Self-Care has benefitted her, and how it can benefit you, too!

Shefaly Yogendra, PhD is a decision-making & risk specialist, and is an advisor to founders, CEOs & investors. This is how she feels about my soon-to-be-released book, An Invitation to Self-Care

Lisa Manterfield, writer, infertility survivor, hosts Life Without Baby and interviews Tracey Cleantis and the best-selling book, The Next Happy.


Tracey Cleantis speaks at the Fertility Planit Show 2014 as part of the Living Child-free With No Regrets session panel.

Jennifer Louden, author and self-care expert, talks about the paradox of self-care. This is video is the first in a series of authors and experts sharing their paradox, featured on my website, in the Pantheon of Paradox project. Find more from Jennifer Louden on http://jenniferlouden.com .